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Vintage, this is a hobby for some people, not a way of life or their sole income. Is it completely unfathomable for someone to be happy with their blaster even though they "only" hit an Andrew Luck RC and an auto, whomever it might be?

Part of what has killed this hobby is the fact that cards like Moore's are valueless in terms in SV. Part of what keeps this hobby alive is the fact that card's like Moore's are valued highly in terms of PC value.

Boise fans don't have a lot of guys to collect, especially ones that are any good (pretty much just Doug Martin...). Add to the fact that he is the winning-est QB in NCAA history, his place in the record book in terms of stats, and the fact that people like to root for the underdog.

If he would have pulled Case Keenum or a whole host of other guys... same reasons. Just relax my man. You seem to be taking this hobby, and especially this thread way too seriously. Sorry you couldn't see my sarcasm in my last post.

Fun times.
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