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YAA YAAAAA I dont have pics but really enjoyed my gift. THANKS Secret Saint Nick. Here is what I got

A litte note that had instructions

-1st package was some nice Packers cards for my 9 year old daugther. She loved them. It got my 5 year old jealous but my 5 year old is so much smarter than my 9 year old as she is still a Broncos fan.

-2nd package was a nice bottle of Jack Daniels. Nothing beats bourbon, especially in the winter when it is snowing like it is now.

-3rd was a Walking Dead comic that I am scared to open because it looks brand spankin new lol.

4th package made my 5 year old happy because she got to open all 8 packs in a blaster of Topps Strata. It had no hits but every Broncos card she went "WHOOO, Broncos" and every Packers card she went "Packers, Bleh" so it was a very fun gift that we all enjoyed as a family.

Overall I LOVED it because I am seperating with my wife and appreciate my family time more than ever.


I now have to run to the liquor store because once I start I dont quit and that bottle is gone.
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