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Had an amazing run last year.
4 very different leagues.
4 cashes.
3 titles.

This year was a bit rockier.

1st yahoo team was 7-3, then lost 3 straight and opening playoff round. Won 5th place game....yeah.

2nd yahoo team started 4-1, lost 3 straight, got it back to 7-4, but even after a win this week I'm at 9-7 and can finish 4th at best (no playoffs).

1st ESPN team (my big $$ league) started 3-6, then closed 4-1 to make the playoffs at 7-7. Won opening playoff game and was a garbage-time TD by Eli Manning away from making the title game there. A win this week means a 3rd straight cash.

Finally, second ESPN team. This is a keep auction league, where I have kept Brees and Rice the last two seasons, and spent big money on a 2nd QB early (we play two). This year Brees and Ryan have been the duo for me, leading me to a 9-4 record, although I needed a miracle in my opening round. Had a 30-point lead after week 1 (two week playoff structure per round) and when Brees/Ryan posted 65 points during the second week I knew it was over ... until my other eight players scored 37 points COMBINED. He had the NYJ D on that Monday night needing 7 points to win so I knew it was over ... but he only got 5 so I won by a point.

This week in the opening week of the championship match I posted 188 and lead by 70points going into this weekends finale. So, hopefully that will be my one title in what has been a very down year for me.

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