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Originally Posted by eldavojohn View Post
Conversely, Archer is a very adult show and it has a very specific type of humor. Is Cryptozoic capable of hitting this? Will we see a "Just the Tip" insert set? Will they actually watch the series and capture the spirit of it like the Archer book did? Well, that's what I was hoping people who collect Cryptozoic's other sets could tell me about. Did they dumb down The Walking Dead in their cards? Did they miss the mark with Big Bang Theory? I can't tell that by reading the flurry of posts about trading card titles and rare chase cards.

Apparently, this forum is only good for a "lol" and "Crytpozoic can make 90 degree angled cards." Duly noted.
But that's the whole point. If Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory were bad products, you would know it in the threads about those products. They are both, actually, very good products which is why, overwhelmingly, people are posting amazing breaks and getting congratulated for them.
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