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Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
Here are some RELEVANT facts from this season (information which actually matters):
The Vikings Play at Home
You can read a schedule. I thought maybe they were in Miami this time.

The Vikings Play Drastically better at home
Most teams are better at home, so good for you!

The Vikings have more to play for
Last time I checked, this isn't a fact. Who is to say that the #2 seed isn't just as important? Seems like a bye is pretty important to me, but still not a "fact"

The Packers eeked by in a win at home against the Vikings this season
Last time I checked, a win is still a win. Sorry I missed the trophy for getting beat by slightly less points. I guess they give those out in Minnesota. Not sure if the team "eeked" is a fact... how many points is "eeked"?

The Vikings D looks stout right now
Not sure if "stout" can be constituted as "fact". Define what "stout" means?

The Vikings actually have an O-Line
I guess that would be a fact. They do, indeed, have an O-Line. 5 guys in front of the QB? Yep, that is an O-Line.

Adrian Peterson is the Best RB in FB and has a little extra motivation
Once again, "best" is a subjective term and can't be called fact. While I would consider AP to the be the best, it still doesn't make it fact.

The Packers gave up over 200 yards of rushing to AP
Hey look! A fact with numbers! Woah!

0 - the number of sacks on Christian Ponder
No Clay Matthews in the first meeting, but congrats on not getting sacked when our best pass rusher was out.

Ponder will likely make less mistakes than he did in Lambeau
Once again, not a fact, but it did make a nice joke

Quit dusting off old news. Yes, the Vikings have been in rough shape for a couple seasons, but that's history. Can't you find anything better than to look into the past. It's the same song and dance from every cheese-head I meet. From what I've been seeing, the Vikings have a great shot at winning this game, regardless of who won a Superbowl or how Favre lost a step in 2010, or how many SBs the Packers have won. Next thing, you'll pull out some "all time versus" stats out.
Whoa, I got someone's purple panties in a bunch. I don't see a whole lot of facts in anything you posted above. I see a lot of words and "some" (one?) numbers to back them up.

Until Minnesota wins a game in recent memory, you can spout all the bull #@#@#@#@ you want like you did above, you still aren't winning games against Green Bay. Last year, year before, year before that... zero wins. You sound so bitter.
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