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Originally Posted by freethrowtommy View Post
Whoa, I got someone's purple panties in a bunch. I don't see a whole lot of facts in anything you posted above. I see a lot of words and "some" (one?) numbers to back them up.

Until Minnesota wins a game in recent memory, you can spout all the bull #@#@#@#@ you want like you did above, you still aren't winning games against Green Bay. Last year, year before, year before that... zero wins. You sound so bitter.
Everything on my list is relevant...everything you posted prior was regarding the previous 3+ season, which is irrelevent to the post discussion Week 17 of this season.

Not much BS in my thread...I'm just not going to argue with statements like the Packers are going to win because of old history.

At least some of your responses were "current" when you didn't get so hung up on the word "fact" being used rather than the statement being made.
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