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Originally Posted by freethrowtommy View Post
Nobody said, nor do I believe that any of the GB fans on this board say, the Packers aren't flawed... they are just less flawed than the Vikings and that is all that matters.
You are reading confidence in the Packers as delusion that they can't be beaten, and you are wrong. I was one of the first to say I thought they would get beaten by the Texans and the Giants, because they are both dangerous teams. The Vikings aren't scary, thus us fans have more confidence in a win.
So keep acting like Packers fans all pull the same card because you feel sorry for your team always coming up short.
Bold #1: Opinion.

Bold #2: Thank you for speaking for all Packers fans. I always thought you guys shared one brain and you just confirmed it.

Bold #3: I think you and I define scary a different way.

Bold #4: Same old same old from the Packers faithful.

Win or lose it has been a successful season for the Vikings. 3-13 to over .500 and Peterson healthy is all I wanted to see. Beating the Packers to get into the playoffs will just be icing on the cake.
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