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Lol Im a Bears fan and even Im not this deluded to the Packers success.(for the 3 of you that dont know the Bears-Packers rivalry is a billion times larger than Vikings-Packers).

3 Points Ive heard here that are crazy:

The Vikings ALMOST beat the Pack at Lambeau:

Not true, 9 points(2 scores) Is not ALMOST. You can put the pack in any stadium outside of Seattle and I feel it makes no difference. 9 points is not almost.

The vikings are hot:

VERY GOOD!!! 3 in a row!!!! Sadly, the pack have won 4 in a row and havent lost interdiviosn all year. Thats hot, 3 in a row is nothing.

And the best one ........

The PAckers offense wont be able to stand up to the Vikings defense at home:

LOL!!!! On what grounds??? Our defense(the Bears) is better than yours and we couldnt stop him(aaron), you think an antoine winfieldless Vikings will? HA!!! Keep dreaming!!!

When we are in the playoffs we will be sure to send you a letter.
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