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Default WrestleMas: 1/1 Leaf Wrestling Originals/WWE Heritage (IT PUTS THE WOO IN MY WOO)

WOOOOO I felt like I just had a Fuel in a Bottle Protein Shot™ (reference here, for those unenlightened) after cracking these bad boys. First, the Heritage since it was not as swell...

I got the correct amount of inserts. Black border was Don Moraco.

First hit, the worst in the whole set:

It gets better, don't worry. Second hit is a PC piece:

No auto? That's okay, there are five coming up.

Leaf. First hit:

My second hit was a redemption card for a Jimmy Hart auto. I redeemed it and got a yellow to 99. Cool!

Third hit was a Ivan Koloff (not pictured) alternate art pose. Those first three are For Trade, for the record.

I did a slow reveal from around the redemption. I saw red. I got excited. I saw blonde hair. I got exciter. I saw the robe. I got excitedest. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--

--OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 08/10. Grading condition. Most excellent. Possibly my favorite of my Christmas hits.

Knowing the way Leaf is laid out, I knew the card in back of this one had to be even rarer. This was the fourth card. I had a hunch I'd have a 1/1 hiding behind it. I was correct!

The Dog-faced Gremlin himself, Rick Steiner! This is my THIRD printing plate for Leaf Wrestling Originals. This product rocks.
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