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Originally Posted by gergs1134 View Post
Bold #1: Opinion.

Bold #2: Thank you for speaking for all Packers fans. I always thought you guys shared one brain and you just confirmed it.

Bold #3: I think you and I define scary a different way.

Bold #4: Same old same old from the Packers faithful.

Win or lose it has been a successful season for the Vikings. 3-13 to over .500 and Peterson healthy is all I wanted to see. Beating the Packers to get into the playoffs will just be icing on the cake.
Holy #@#@#@#@, you can count to 4?! Good for you! Can you count how many interceptions Ponder has had this year? That one might be a bit higher but I am sure you can get there.

Rodgers has more touchdown passes this year than Ponder has had in 2. Now those are some big numbers for Vikings fans!
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