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Originally Posted by Brewersfan74 View Post
I am wondering how it will work as well. Will I need to go into the Black Friday thread in the forums or can I just shop from the main page and see the deals from there. Sorry, I missed out on 9/9/09 so I don't know how Blowout Cards does this sort of thing. I will be on Friday before work but I'm not sure if I will be lucky enough to get in on one of the deals or not. Also, did someone say there will be certain deals every hour or are all the deals available right at the start at 6AM?
All you need to do is go to at 6am. If it's anything like the past, they put up new specials at different times. I just keep my browser open on the Box Specials page. Then hit refresh every so often. New specials should be popping up every so often(not sure if it'll be every 15 mins, 30 mins, hour, etc) First come, first serve. It will show the quantity available. You've just gotta be quick.

I'm not even going to mess with it because I know I'll drop way too much coin on wax. I'm an impulse buyer and will buy boxes I don't even want just because it's a good deal.

So sorry Blowout, I'm most likely boycotting your site tomorrow

Actually probably not. I've got some odds and ends to wrap up at work since we're closed today and tomorrow, so I'm probably going to pop in the office from like 6am - 9am.

I'm sure I'll take breaks and peek at the specials.

Just remember if you're new to Blowout's is not on the forums page. You have to go to the actual website( Click the Blowout Box Specials on the left header towards the bottom. Just keep that page up and periodically refresh. But don't stay at your computer all day. Work off some of that Thanksgiving meal so it doesn't stick to your ribs!
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