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LOLOLOLOLOLOL this thread is a running joke.

There is only one thing that matters...... which team is dressing a reigning NFL MVP to play on Sunday?

AD/AP won't help the Queens very much when they're down two scores with 3 minutes left.

To touch on the other points....

GB has looked like crap for most of the season and they are still winning...a lot, Imagine how good they could be if they play good.

the pack was missing a bunch of starters on both sides of the ball during the first meeting and it still wasn't "close"

The pack didn't even try and run in the first game, lately we benched a perennial pro-bowler to make our team better and the rushing average is probably increased 3 fold since (I'm not going to fact check, I just don't care enough)

And on top of all that the pack gets ball hawking Woodson back, they have a bunch of RB's with fresh legs (because they just had to pick them up) and the WR core is just starting to get in a rhythm.

Not to mention when a bears fan chimes in defending the Packers you know you are way off the mark.

I'm not saying it will be a blowout (but it could be) but more then likely it will "close" again with the packers winning and locking up the #2 spot.

Also everyone forgets we beat the seahawks in Seattle, one of the best teams in the NFL , and that isn't reflected in our record or we would have the 2 seed locked down and trying/hoping for #1 seed.
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