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Originally Posted by MasterPattie View Post
I don't think most fans who know football would say that Stafford sucks. Sure, he's no Rodgers and he's not a top 5 QB right now, but he had a bad start to the season and has played better in the 2nd half. I still say Stafford is a better than average starting QB and he had a fantastic season just a year ago, but the rest of the team has been bad this season.

The Lions have a lot of problems, but Stafford isn't one of them. They need to fix the defense, special teams coverage units, and get some help for Megatron on the other side (Broyles hurt, Young is a drama queen).
About to be the 2nd QB in history to throw for multiple 5,000 yard seasons, and he didn't have his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th option for a large chunk of time this year.

But he is garbage. I mean to think that people would rather have Cutler..
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