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Originally Posted by R3dm4n View Post
R3DM4N: 3 auto 2 base
R1. 2012 Topps Chrome Trent Richardson BLACK Refractor Auto 25/25
BGS 8.5
Is there a way to see what the subs were? I'm wondering if my Richardson is so low because of surface, I knew there was fingerprints and stuff.
Card Serial Number: 7463156
Set Name : 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Black Refractors
Player Name : Trent Richardson
Date Graded : Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Centering Grade : 8.5
Corner Grade : 8.5
Edges Grade : 9.5
Surfaces Grade : 8.5
Autograph Grade : 10.0
Final Grade : 8.5

Originally Posted by CALVINXLIONSX81 View Post
If you don't mind can you pm me the Slab #'s so I can check out the subgrades
you did very well!

7463143 -drummond
7463144 -drummond
7463078 - moore

Originally Posted by TxRangersfan View Post
R15. 2012 bowman chrome nomar mazara blue ref auto 95/150

Any reason this has no grade by it?

A lot of mine were where I expected, some surprised me. I had one card I figured to be low that was a 9.5, go figure
my bad, clerical error!

7463047 - Nomar Mazara 9.0

Originally Posted by joceltics34 View Post
Well if that wasn't a kick in the groin, I'm not sure what is haha.

JOCELTICS34: 3 auto
R1. Michael Jordan Exquisite Shadow Box Autograph
R2. Michael Jordan Exquisite Legacy 22/23 Autograph
BGS 9.0
R3. Alshon Jeffery Topps Chrome 2/5 Autograph
BGS 8.0

Honestly was expecting at least 9's across the board, apparently I don't have a very good eye for this stuff.
the jordan shadowbox had "service unavailable"
was it not a UD certified auto?

Originally Posted by ninjacookies View Post
NINJACOOKIES: 27 auto 3 base
R1. russell wilson finest pulsar refractor auto 1/10 #140
BGS 9.0
R2. russell wilson finest pulsar refractor auto 9/10 #140
BGS 9.5
R3. russell wilson exquisite collection er-rw 96/99
BGS 9.5
R4. russell wilson exquisite collection er-rw 08/99
BGS 9.5
R5. russell wilson donruss inscriptions acetate green auto
BGS 10
R6. russell wilson donruss inscriptions acetate green auto
BGS 10
R7. russell wilson donruss elite turn of the century auto 07/99
BGS 9.0
R8. russell wilson prestige auto ticket #31 nno
BGS 9.5
R9. 2011 national treasures joe montana hall of fame auto #26/26
BGS 9.5
R10. russell wilson panini prestige draft tickets auto #31 nno
BGS 9.0
R11. russell wilson donruss elite new breed jsy auto #11/25 #25
BGS 9.0
R12. russell wilson finest refractor auto #3/20 #140
BGS 9.0
R13. russell wilson topps platinum refractor die cut auto #3/10 #138
BGS 9.0
R14. russell wilson rookies n stars rookie materials jsy auto 14/49 #246
BGS 9.0
R15. 2011 national treasures sterling sharpe 1/1 century non auto reebok jsy #192
BGS 9.5
R16. russell wilson finest wave refractor jsy auto 6/10 rap-rw
BGS 9.0
R17. russell wilson finest wave refractor jsy auto 7/10 rap-rw
BGS 9.0
R18. russell wilson finest yellow refractor jsy auto 20/75 rap-rw
BGS 9.0
R19. russell wilson finest red refractor jsy auto 14/50 rap-rw
BGS 9.5
R20. russell wilson finest auto red refractor auto 3/15 #140
BGS 9.5
R21. russell wilson finest pulsar refractor jsy auto 9/25 rap-rw
BGS 9.0
R22. russell wilson finest pulsar refractor jsy auto 16/25 rap-rw
BGS 9.0
R23. robert turbin finest pulsar refractor auto 9/10 #146
BGS 9.5
R24. 2011 national treasures warren moon nfl greatest jsy auto #13/25
BGS 9.5
R25. russell wilson prestige rookie auto 053/499 #238
BGS 9.5
R26. russell wilson finest refractor jsy auto 05/99 ajr-rw
BGS 9.0
R27. russell wilson finest refractor jsy auto 056/100 ajr-rw
BGS 9.5
R28. russell wilson finest prismatic jsy auto 20/99 ajr-rw
BGS 9.0
R29. james harden certified freshman fabric jsy auto 22/399 #173
R30. russell wilson finest refractor jsy auto 24/99 ajr-rw
BGS 9.5

Thank you again sir...seriously can't thank you enough!! Can't believe I got 2 pristines!! (albeit, they were probably the easiest cards to get pristine on)

Don't see a grade on r29: james harden?

Just glad at least one pulsar refractor and the red got a 9.5...should pay for my entire submission. Was REALLY hoping the platinum die cut and base refractor 3/10 woulda got a 9.5 , but can't get greedy I guess

Congrats to all...unfortunately looks like Beckett didn't really 'allow' for big xmas leeway with their grading, looks like a lot of 9's and 8.5's going out this time.

Any idea on the estimated arrival date to you, buddy? Would like immediate overnight shipping if that's possible once you get them, very time sensitive over here...could you please give me a shipping quote?

Happy Holidays!
7462981 Harden 9.5

please, do not quote me on the grades for the russell wilson cards to a "T".
a lot of the descriptions you had did not match what BGS has listed on the final website list. the copy/paste feature doesn't work well when i paste it into Blowout, i get a 100 page thing showing up with 20 spaces in between items and it reads like the matrix when i post more than one at a time.

you wanted yours overnighted, right?
send me a PM with your address and i can work out a quote for you.

Originally Posted by DSizzle31 View Post
Do they not post the auto grades? While I'm happy with my grades, a 9 auto on one of my 9.5s would certainly dampen my enthusiasm.

harvey - 10 auto
myers - 10 auto
jerez - 10 auto
nimmo - 10 auto
starling - 10 auto
cabrera rookie was 8.5 centering and 9's for all other subs

Originally Posted by fucgoof View Post
FUCGOOF: 3 auto
R1. 2009 Bowman Draft Picks Football - Card ALP-AF Arian Foster Autograph Rookie Patch Card
BGS 7.0
R2. 2012 Topps Chrome Football - RG3 '57 insert auto
BGS 9.5
R3. 2012 Topps Chrome Football - Brock Osweiller Camo Auto
BGS 9.5

The Foster didn't suprise me. The 9.5s on the RGIII and Brock, in the immortal words of Kevin Nash, It's just to sweeeeeet!
2/3, i'll take that any day!
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