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Originally Posted by Fenian95 View Post
Hello all.

Grabbed one sealed box from my local LCS today during their Boxing Day sale(Black Friday for Canadians basically). The box was 30% off, so I wound up paying a whopping $56 for it!

This was a store I never go to as it normally only sells CCG cards and comics.

I only went there to stock up on one-touches and toploaders on sale. They can account for 8 of the boxes they had from their one case they ordered in and no sketch or redemptions so far... And 2 TDogs were pulled already.

I am having a hard time selling/trading my previous pulls so I am tempted to throw the box up on Ebay.... or hold onto it for a few months and wait for the supply to dry up.

What do you guys think? Bust it or sell it?

First of all, if there are any more boxes I think you should go back and clean them out (even at the non-sale price)!

I don't think you can lose at $56 no matter what you pull. Either open it or sell the box to me for $60

But really, there are plenty of wardrobe cards that can get you your box price back. To me, it's a no brainer.

I honestly don't see much of a point in waiting for the supply to dry up because everyone was prepared for this set and knew it would be a hit. I've said all along that I don't see boxes going to $200 like Season 1 for the fact that there are no $5k cards to chase in this set (two 1/1s in S1) and, like I said, everyone knew this set would be a hit.

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