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Default Contemplating a Trade Involving WD #1

I figured this is the best comic forum to ask this question since it involves cards. I'm interested to hear your guys' thoughts.

When I was cleaning out my grandmother's attic this weekend I found a complete set (to the best of my knowledge) of Sportscaster cards from 1977-79 that were given to me when I was a kid. If you are familiar with this set you know the Wayne Gretzky card is the gem followed by the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson cards. I have all three and am confident they will grade quite high.

A friend of a friend said he'd trade the graded cards for a CGC (friend couldn't remember if it was 9.6 or 9.8) copy of Walking Dead #1.

So...should I make this trade? Do you see WD #1 going any higher? Would these cards be worth holding onto instead? Or should I just unload them and cash in?

Thanks guys
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