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Items In This Color Have Been Picked; However, Please Double Check Before Deciding Because This Is Not Official.

Default Rank List At Bottom

Case 1;

Box 1
BB; Gilmour auto
RC; 88-89 OPC Turgeon
Auto; 1979 OPC Wilf Paiement
Art; Bower 27/40

Box 2
BB; Mosienski/Lumley dual jersey
RC; 05-06 BD Cam Ward
Auto; 1982 OPC Dave Christian
Art; Lemieux 2 color 2/40

Box 3
BB; Gretzky jersey stick (nasty stick piece)
RC; 91-92 UD Palffy
Auto; 86 OPC Dirk Graham
Art; Lafontaine 34/40 (big two color seam)

Box 4
BB; R. Francis 2 color jersey
RC; 05-06 Ultra Lundqvist
Auto; 1984 OPC Mike Rogers
Art; Beliveau 3/10 two color seam

Case 2

Box 1
BB; Nystrom auto
RC; 90-91 Score Roenick
Auto; 86 OPC Don Daoust
Art; Barilko 10/10 (skate)

Box 2
BB; 08-09 H&P Doughty auto
RC; 02-03 BAP Spezza
Auto;77 Topps Bob Dailey
Art; Bower 20/40

Box 3
BB; Bret Hull jersey
RC; 05-06 BD Parise
Auto; 77 Topps Nystrom
Art; Hextall 34/40 2 color seam

Box 4
BB; 99-00 BAP Chelios auto
RC; 03-04 BAP N. Horton
Auto; 81 Topps Brad Park
Art; Ovechkin The Goal 36/40

Case 3;

Box 1
BB; Gary Suter auto
RC; 77-78 OPC Glenn Sharpley
Auto; 79 OPC Larry Potey
Art; 1/1 Gordie Howe (Aeros two color seam jersey)

Box 2
BB; BTP Sean Burke (dual mem - thick pad piece)
RC; 05-06 Ultra Richards
Auto; 79 Topps Jim Schoenfeld
Art; Lindbergh 33/40 (pad piece)

Box 3
BB; 10-11 Decades Messier auto
RC; 05-06 Ultra Vanek
Auto; 81 Topps Pat Riggin
Art; Fog Game 7/40 (Parent jersey piece)

Box 4
BB; Sakic jersey
RC; 03-04 BAP Bergeron
Auto; 1982 OPC Fuhr RC auto
Art; Parent 11/40

Case 4

Box 1
BB; M. Naslund auto
RC; 74-75 OPC John Wright
Auto; 1982 OPC Steve Konroyd
Art; 1/1 dual Memorabilia Sawchuk/Bower

Box 2
BB; Potvin triple jersey
RC; 05-06 BD Lundqvist
Auto; 1986 OPC RC Wendell Clark
Art; Lanny McDonald 28/40

Box 3
BB; Parent BTP dual memorabilia
RC; 06-07 BD Phil Kessel
Auto; 1975 Lars-Erik Sjoberg
Art; Saku Koivu 7/10 (2 color)

Box 4BB; 04-05 H&P Perreault auto
RC; 02-03 P
arkhurst retro Bouwmeester
Auto; 1986 OPC Rich Sutter
Art; Bobby Hull 1/10 (nameplate patch)

Draft Order

Updated list for ease of not having to flip back pages;

Cases 1 and 2;
1)Old Nap===Barilko
2)hairysasquatch=== Gretzky stick/jersey
3)DenverSJB ===Lemieux art
4)oldgoldy97===Mosienski dual memorabilia
5)Iamnoone===Beliveau art card
6)hairysasquatch ===Bower art 20/40
7)Oilers1980*===Bower art 27/40
8)iluvfish2 ===Ovechkin art 36/40
9)los421 ===Lafontaine art card
10)cowie===Hextall art
11)hanes1111===Gilmour auto
12) snowboy===Doughty auto
13)Oilers1980===Brad Park auto
14)swanssy === Bret Hull jersey
15)gr8azn ===Chelios auto
16)Axeldog15===BB; R. Francis 2 color jersey
17)iluvfish2=== Auto; 1982 OPC Dave Christian
18)DenverSJB===RC; 05-06 BD Parise
19)SethMurphy===Auto; 1979 OPC Wilf Paiement
20)Axeldog15===Auto; 77 Topps Nystrom
21)Axeldog15===BB; Nystrom auto
22) snowboy=== RC; 88-89 OPC Turgeon
23) puckfan888
24) iluvfish2
25)Vintage Collector
28) snowboy
31)Vintage Collector

Cases 3 and 4;
1)los421===Howe 1/1
2)Vintage Collector===1/1 Sawchuk/Bower art
3)Tivo32===Hull art card
4)iluvfish2===Koivu art 4/10
5)snowboy===Wendell Clark OPC RC auto
6)cowie===Lindbergh art
7)iluvfish2===Messier auto
8)Vintage Collector===Fuhr RC auto
9)iluvfish2===Fog Game art
10)puckfan888===Parent art card
11)snowboy=== McDonald art card
12)Axeldog15===BB; Parent BTP dual memorabilia
13)Axeldog15===BB; BTP Sean Burke (dual mem - thick pad piece)
14)SethMurphy===BB; 04-05 H&P Perreault auto
15)DenverSJB===RC; 05-06 BD Lundqvist
16)iluvfish2===BB; Potvin triple jersey
17)Axeldog15===BB; Sakic jersey
18)gr8azn===Auto; 1975 Lars-Erik Sjoberg
19)swanssy===BB; Gary Suter auto
20)Oilers1980===BB; M. Naslund auto
21)snowboy===Auto; 1986 OPC Rich Sutter
22)hanes1111===Auto; 79 Topps Jim Schoenfeld

Default Rank List Color Already Taken

Ranking cards remaining IMHO; (As Ranked By Host)

Cases 1 and 2;

Christian auto (member of Miracle on Ice team)
RC; 88-89 OPC Turgeon
Auto; 1979 OPC Wilf Paiement
77 Topps auto Nystrom
Buyback auto Nystrom
05-06 BD Parise RC

Dailey auto
Rogers auto
Graham auto
Daoust auto
Spezza RC
Lundqvist Ultra RC
Ward RC
Roenick RC
Horton RC
Palffy RC

Cases 3 and 4;

Sakic jersey
Potvin triple jersey
1975 Sjoberg auto
Naslund auto
Gary Suter auto

Schoenfeld auto
Sutter auto
Riggin auto
Potey auto
Konroyd auto
Kessel BD RC
Sharpley RC
Wright RC
Richards RC
Vanek RC
Bergeron RC
Bouwmeester RC

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