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Originally Posted by joe31 View Post
Shaq did very little in the playoffs. Wade pretty much single handedly brought that championship to them that year. Even if so, what single handed superstar has ever won a title? That is the stupidest argument ever. Theres always either a couple of great players or just great teams(like the 04 Pistons for example) that win.

Also to say Wade is overrated is just wrong. He is one of the best in the league. Easily top 10, without Lebron he'd be top 5. Wade has sacrificed so much to have Lebron on his team. He can change and adapt in order to help his team win instead of just continue on his ways like Kobe is doing. Would you want Wade shooting 35 times a game like Kobe does to get his 28-30 points a game so everyone can stop bashing him? No. Its working out well for the Lakers. Until Kobe stops shooting every possession and works their loaded roster into the game, they aren't going to win. But why would Kobe want to adapt when he says that Wade did and is getting bashed and ridiculed for doing the same thing? He wants all the glory and puts himself before the team.

As for Wade being a dirty player, I don't see anything he does that is over the top. I see a very passionate competitor that loves the game. If you actually watch a game and not just clips on youtube, you'd see that almost all the time the other player will do something to him first. The NBA needs more players with his competitiveness. I miss the NBA when there weren't ticky tack fouls and superstar treatments. Lebron would average 5 points less a game if didn't get favored on every single call. Refs are scared to call fouls on him and scared to not call fouls when he misses a shot.
Wade isn't dirty??????? Did you see what he did to Sessions last night? How did sessions deserve that? Another loony heat fan.

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