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Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
Wade a top 5? In the league or just on the Heat?

Its 2012 not 2006
Or just on the Heat? He is 2nd and Bosh is a distant 3rd. Plus if you looked at the rest of my post, you'd see that my point was he has the capabilities of being top 5 in the league, he just doesn't have to because he cares more about his team winning and knows that if he and Lebron both play like they want that won't work.

Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
Well, I am not a big fan of Mr. Wade. I don't particularly care for basketball, but do enjoy watching OKC when I get a chance (Christmas). He complains a lot, and plays very dirty, but whatever. I'm not interested in debating about it, cause I'd lose 999 times out of 1000.

My original intent was to call out the improper spelling of Dwyane's first name.
Haha, ok, thats what I thought. Its amazing how many people spell his name wrong.
Always Looking for D-Wade and LeBron.
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