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Default Collector's Redemption - Can you get lucky in 2013?

With the New Year approaching we all make resolutions on how we would like to change something that has happened to us in the past. As collectors we've all made investments into products or players that were destined for greatness, but never quite lived up to their potential.

My personal flop was choosing to collect from packs the 1989 Topps baseball cards featuring the Gregg Jefferies Future Star rookie card over the 1989 Upper Deck baseball featuring the Ken Griffey Jr rookie card. At the time all I was thinking is what future all star comes out the Mariners program vs the NY Mets? And a $1.00+ a pack for a new baseball card company that was TWICE the price of Topps...the established and trusted brand.

So my promotion is called Collector's Redemption. In the promo, customers can post a story of their worst card collecting investment on the forum. On the website everyone gets a promo code to buy a box of 2012 or 2013 cards of their choosing with a special offer. In the special offer they have the option to get a deep discount on a box of their choosing from older inventory that you would like to slim out. Or they can get lucky on a "redemption" mystery box for $40 that's either a stud or a dud. All stud or duds will be in the same genre as the 2012 or 2013 box they purchased. One or more lucky customers will get a very valuable older box and one or more of the forum's best stories will get a 2012 or 2013 box for free.

You could feature a picture of some of the studs and duds together for the promo.
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