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Default Group Break Results - Red Sox - Yankees - Blue Jays Lots Come See!

Was involved in some Group Breaks, collect neither of these teams, scans and prices below, everything in the scans included.

Yankees Lot - 44 Total Cards - All Bowman Products in this break.

$7.00 Dlvd

Red Sox Lot - 57 Total cards incluing the GU Bat/Auto. Also includes 2012 Bowman Chrome, 2011 Platinum, 2012 Topps, 2008 Masterpieces, 2007 Bowman Chrome and 2011 Archives
$10 Dlvd

Toronto Blue Jays Lot - 48 Total cards - Mostly Bowman Chrome, 2005 Donruss Champions as well. Some of the BC paper cards have soft top left corners due to how they were shipped to me. All the Chrome cards are fine as well as the bat card.
$8.00 Dlvd

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