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Default A random act of kindness

With all the hoopla with new ebay rules and regulations in the buyers favor and dealing with non payers and just plain JO's I was shocked when I got this e-mail.... First let me bring you up to speed. I sold all my commons with a few #ed and inserts lotted up by teams allowing worldwide shipping expecting them to sell in the states. Two 500+ lots sold to buyers in the UK and Germany. I grossly underestimated the shipping cost overseas. Sold a Seahawks lot to a buyer in the UK with $19.99 S&h only to find it cost $37.00 to get it to them. I sucked it up, no big deal. After the item was received I got this...

Dear coaltowncards,

hi i have received the box of cards very happy about the cards they are in superb condition ...ive bought boxes of seahawks cards before and got hundreads of duplicates ...the cards you sent me are great cards ..and you lost out on postage i would like to send you a payment to cover your postage if thats ok..if you ever get any more seahawks cards ...i would buy them from you ..thank you again regards...alan

After I picked myself up off the floor I read the next message....

Dear coaltowncards,

hi again i have sent you $30 hope this helps towards the postage you lost out on ..for this box of seahaks cards...thanks again regards...alan

It took a little longer to regain consciousness this time.

I wish all buyers and sellers were this righteous. I'm not sure what the opposite of the blocked bidders list is but this buyer tops that list
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