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This totally works for me

Originally Posted by pastmyshades View Post
We are submitted for mod approval. Once I get the okay, I will start collecting payments. You can check back to the OP for your total price.

If we can get everyone to pay by Friday at 2:00 PM, we should be able to get the case in my hands by Saturday afternoon. If that is the case, I am planning the break for 9:00PM EST on Sunday night. We can then hold the draft on Tuesday starting at noon EST.

If anyone has any objections, feel free to voice your concern. I will say that if the majority does not like that time for the break, the next time available for me are Monday before 2:00PM and any time on Tuesday (New Years Day). If we do not Break until Tuesday, the draft will have to wait until Friday as it is the next day I have off work.

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