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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
I cant see any way the auto pick will work for everyone. This was not stated in the rules pre break (nor was a time limit) - kind of hard to change post break without everyones approval.
Okay, was just trying to sppeed things along since nobody seemed to care about their second selection too much until now.

Everyone has until 12/28 at 12pm midnight to get their second selection picked. I will PM the group momentarily to notify.

cowie PM'd me that his selection in case 1/2 is the Cam Ward RC and was fine with the Riggin auto. los421 wants the Bergeron, puckfan888 with Graham so we are up to iluvfish2 in both cases;

Case 1 and 2;
23) puckfan888--- Graham auto
24) iluvfish2 ---Dailey auto
25)Vintage Collector---Rogers auto
26)iluvfish2 ---Daoust auto
27)cowie---Ward BD RC
28) snowboy --Lundqvist Ultra RC
29)iluvfish2 --Spezza RC
30)Tivo32--Horton RC
31)Vintage Collector --Roenick RC
32)los421 --Palffy RC

Cases 3 and 4;
23)cowie--Riggin auto
25)iluvfish2--Potey auto
26)Oilers1980--Kessel RC
27)hairysasquatch---Konroyd auto
28)Iamnoone--Sharpley RC
29)oldgoldy97-- Bouwmeester RC
30)DenverSJB--Richards RC
31)hairysasquatch--Vanek RC
32)OldNap---Wright RC

1/2 choices;

3/4 choices;

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