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Hello everyone, my name is Shane and i'm a collecting addict! I would like to start off by saying it's an honor to finally be apart of the Blowoutcards crew! I have been waiting around 3 weeks to have my account validated and it was well worth the wait. I have followed the boards for a few months until making a decision to join.

I collect mostly Football with the exception to some baseball. I currently reside in New Jersey but due to the recent storm of Hurricane Sandy I have been staying with family in PA due to the damage on our home. These past months have been very hard on my family and I. We lost our dog, a vehicle, irreplaceable items such as photos, family jewelry and other items. On top of that there was water damage to our home which has ruined it completely.

Most of my collection was destroyed during this but I can say that I thank god that my family is alive and well. Everything that I collected within the past 15 years is gone. I have come to realize that things like this can easily be replaced. I collect 49ers, Rookie QB's, some running backs and also auto's of starting QB's.

In my time here I will be looking to start my collection off from the bottom and work my way up. I don't really have anything in my collection so for now I won't be trading but only purchasing. After I make a purchase or two if I see something I like then I might offer what I have for trade. I look forward to dealing with everyone here and hope to have a great time. I hope soon enough to gain respect of the members on this board and become a well liked regular. Once again, thanks for having me and I look forward to speaking and dealing with you.


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