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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Just scored the Lakers in the team 5 case Prizm break in the bkb section. Hopefully I yield some serious Kobe love in 5 cases!!
you got boned in this break imo. the biggest benefit to that spot is getting all those kobe packs. that guarantees you to basically break even just on kobe packs alone. now from what i read in that thread everyone is getting 2 kobe packs each. really lame. as everyone was saying in the thread it is a high risk high reward break. so you get what at first seems to be extremely lucky in landing the top spot, and now you have to spread the wealth to everyone else? sorry but that is crap imo. call me greedy or whatever you want but you paid to play and now you are losing. bottom line not getting the kobe packs makes the lakers not the top team in the break. kobe base autos are extremely tough pulls. i've seen at least 5+ cases of this stuff broke and no kobe autos, plenty of kyrie and davis autos though.

you'll prbly net anywhere from 20-30 kobe base and another 20 or so kobe inserts. plus other laker legend cards like magic and kareem. some scrub autos of sacre and morris. all of that combined would struggle to make the spot price worth it. so you now have to hit a big kobe parallel or auto to make it worth it what you paid to get in. it really takes the joy out of it to me. i would be almost disappointed getting the lakers in this spot, and i'm about the biggest laker fan you'll find on this board. i would honestly rather have a team like the blazers in this break and get 25 or so lillard base guaranteed.

i mean lucky it is 5 cases so you have a better than average chance to get a base kobe auto at least. however not getting all the kobe packs is swift kick to the nuts and takes some of the joy out of getting the lakers in a break. i was in one of truth17's breaks last weekend full case of prizm and totally and got the lakers. i was stoked cause i finally got the lakers and i got all 24 kobe packs, which was lucky for me cause the lakers got skunked in the break, but knowing i got my money's worth of kobe packs made it a great break for me.

just my 2 cents.
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