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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
I think ill get 3 to 5 kobe autos from 5 cases. Hopefully 1 is a refractor. Thats more than enough for me. I cant take the base cards and refractors to maker team sets and sell them off.

Im indifferent about the kobe packs. It would have been better if the decision was made before hand. It doesnt bother me that its going to be shared. If I call pull off golds of any of the lakers in this set, I definately will be happy.
sorry man, but i'm willing to bet cold hard cash you won't get anywhere near 3-5 kobe autos in this break. i've been involved in 4 case breaks of prizm myself, and watched countless more on blogtv, you are really not factoring in how tough a kobe auto pull is in a case. if you get one kobe auto in this break be extremely grateful. if you pull 3 you beat the odds in a crazy way and should buy some lotto tickets.

you must be thinking this is a gold standard break or something. i'm sure many others can attest to how tough of a pull kobe autos are. it seems like the order of case pulls autos are davis, kyrie, griffin, kobe, durant. almost every case i've seen has davis as the case hit.

good luck and it's still lucky and a great feeling to get the lakers, but not getting the packs diminishes the joy of getting the lakers somewhat imo.
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