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Originally Posted by Burt-Reynolds View Post
wow man great f'ing buy. congrats.

fml, wish i could afford to buy kobe anything and search out kobe steals. instead i'm sitting here having to sell my kobe stuff off to get through school and life right now.

just one more year of school and suffering then i'm back in the game with a sweet job and fat paychecks to blow through, so you and spin and forgiven get all you can in the next year, cause i will be coming strong out of the gate bidding like a idiot, lmfao.
I've actually been selling a lot too lately, I only really buy now if I feel I can get a steal on something. So it pretty much usually ends in me putting in a last second bid and still getting outbid by $30 ha.

I've been buying a lot of Prizm Kobe refractors though as I feel they could have a lot of value down the line.

I've got the base refractor, MVP refractor, USA refractor and Finalist refractor!

Pretty pumped too as I got all of those for about $80
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