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Unfortunately most of you guys are wrong on this one. The prices are set by supply and demand. As the set is newly released, the prices on the boxes are yet reasonable so the supply is not hindered yet*. PMG is currently more expensive because as the poster mentioned, they have been around longer and the boxes are more expensive, this decreases supply.
Now there is also the demand side of the equation. Demand is increasing as we can see the prices go up on ebay. At this point demand is not going to decrease, rather only go up as more and more people are catching onto the product.
It could be that once PCs have got their pieces it would further restrict Supply on the prizm(particularly Hall of famers, good players, KOBE, SHaq, Durant, Iverson, Bird, Magic, etc..) So in that case, the prices of the boxes going up would not even matter that much in terms of restricting supply.
What surprised me most are the prices of the rookies, since they have yet to establish long run greatness. Its a huge risk to buy a rookie card for the Long run IMHO, if you just want to buy and sell real quick, ofcourse that is different, or if u are loaded.
Finally As someone had mentioned, a 1/1 would not necessary hold more value that a 1/10, if more people demand the 1/10 card. So, basically in conclusion, based on economic evidence, we should see Prizm prices double, triple, maybe even tough PMG prices in the Long run.

well, that was long lol

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