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Hi there,

The only soccer cards I buy now are pretty much futera.

For jerseys and autographs the product to go with are the Unique collections which are expensive.

A pack usually costs around 50 euro with you getting base cards and either an autograph (1:6 packs) or a jersey (1:3 packs) or a gold plated card (these gold plated card inserts vary from each collection so may be different) (1:3 packs)

A box costs 300 euro and you get 6 packs so you'd usually get 1 auto and either 3 jersey and 2 gold plated or 3 gold plated and 2 jerseys.

The new 2013 collection is coming out early 2013 so I'll post it up when I get more info about it but they are well worth it if your a big soccer fan.

These are the 2 that I have kept in my personal collection (villa crest):

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