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Hello BOC members. My name is Mike and I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I am a newer member on another site but this site tends to be more active on getting sets filled, better promotions, etc.
I collect baseball and football. I spend a ton of money on Blasters and Rack @ Walmart as there is no LCS within 300 miles of me. I miss the days of being able to walk into a LCS and buy hobby boxes and such.
My main PC is Emmitt Smith. I have a ton of his cards and autos. I also collect Cowboys Autos.
It is not my main collecting right now. I have too much and it's taking up the house. I just started selling some items on Ebay. Hopefully this site helps on advice on selling.
I.E. I sold a Trout/Trumbo Dual Jersey card 18/25 Topps Update I pulled in a rack pack. Sold for 140.00. Hoping I did good there.
I have alot of different baseball & football that I can trade as well.
Just give me your PC or set needs.
I also need to fill some sets.
I started collecting from my father. I would not consider selling the vintage cards I got from him. Not at this time anyways.
Sorry for the long post and look forward to being an active member here
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