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Originally Posted by dashcounter View Post
yeah, they are hard to get a hold of. boxes are very expensive and the autos are pretty much just cuts. the jerseys are usually 1 a box but this stuff is expensive to the point where i would just buy singles
Thanks for the advice, sad there are not very many futbol products out there....especially in the US

Originally Posted by Portlaw View Post
Hi there,

The only soccer cards I buy now are pretty much futera.

For jerseys and autographs the product to go with are the Unique collections which are expensive.

A pack usually costs around 50 euro with you getting base cards and either an autograph (1:6 packs) or a jersey (1:3 packs) or a gold plated card (these gold plated card inserts vary from each collection so may be different) (1:3 packs)

A box costs 300 euro and you get 6 packs so you'd usually get 1 auto and either 3 jersey and 2 gold plated or 3 gold plated and 2 jerseys.

The new 2013 collection is coming out early 2013 so I'll post it up when I get more info about it but they are well worth it if your a big soccer fan.

These are the 2 that I have kept in my personal collection (villa crest):

Awesome cards and great information, thanks and I too will be on the lookout for the 2013 release. Do you know what the price point will be upon release? and is the only way to order it through futera?

I collect Steve Nash and other high end RCs and AUTOS of various players/HOFers
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