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He's another He said He said thread..

I've had packages delivered with nothing in them around CHRISTMAS TIME a few times.. The USPS hires temps, and some know what little manila envelopes are and they know how to take a nice sharp blade down the end and open the packages..

I had one package where the driver had me sign for the package and then was curious what was I was getting from Upper Deck.. I opened the packaged expecting a Steve Young Auto and it was empty.. I had already signed for it, but since the driver was right there, he said he would take care of it.. Luckily it was UD that had this issue as now anything I get from them is delivered via FedEx and I have to sign for it!!.. They won't send anything via USPS to me anymore..

Good luck on this issue..

Also, when I am selling a card thru EBAY I look at the buyers feedback and if it's sketchy, I will automatically put insurance on it, as well as anything over $50.. I got burned once by some scammer, and luckily it was only about a $45 card. Better to be safe then sorry..

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