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Default Help A Returning Noob

Hey all! I am a returning collector, having gotten into hockey cards back in the 70's-90's, but then taking a break due to lack of funds in my college years. I am ready to get back into it...but MAN there are tons of card companies now. I am overwhelmed! When I was inot it we just had Topps and O Pee Chee. Upper Deck had just come out - I collected in he first 3 years - as well as Pro Set and Score.

My question: Where do I jump back in? I feel like I will want to still create sets and hunt for the elusive RC's, but I have been told that relic/memorabilia stuff is more the norm now? Who are good companies to follow? I will not be spending tons of money on stuff, and want to collect sort of casually - and will also be looking to catch some stuff from the past as well to fill out stuff from my own collecting past

Also, withthe lockout looking to destroy the season, is it worth it to get 2012/13 cards? i am thinking that cards will either be:
a. not worth it since no one is playing
b. or be totally valuble as remnants of "The Year That Wasn't"

I wasn't collecting during the last lockout so I never thought about how that effected card values

thanks and no making fun of the old guy!!

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