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The buyer in this has been shown to be a shill bidder.

His other account is DNPlayer03. This is determined from posts on FCB - FCB member Nick1190 made a post about being the buyer in this transaction and he also made previous posts showing his Ebay account to be DNPlayer03.

You'll note that on many of his auctions (DNPlayer03), there is an account that bids on those auctions shown as "t***e". Earlier tonight that account had seven feedback. There was speculation that may be the matty_ice_2 account. Well, tonight, the matty_ice_2 account received another positive increasing it's feedback score to eight. At the same time, that account, "t***e" in the bid histories of DNPlayer03 also increased to eight.

This was determined through the work of several people over on FCB where there is an ongoing thread that was originally started by the buyer in this transaction.

This type of activity may be indicative of other less than scrupulous practices being perpetrated by the buyer.

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