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Originally Posted by BeingJustin View Post
Chris had his first deal on here with me for a $ 450 Gordon card. I didn't know him at all. I sent with signature confirmation & had no problems with him. Chris is a stand up guy. As for the actual problem, I don't see why you wouldn't win the case if it shows it was delivered.

I am seriously not trying to bust your chops and I am sorry for your troubles and I hope you get your money back. However, having said that there is a reason why you will lose this case. I know you dont wanna hear this right now but the reason you will lose is this.

Whats to stop every single seller on Ebay from sending empty packages if they know the buyer could do nothing about it except give them a negative. See what I am saying. I am not claiming to know the exact numbers but I think it would be fairly safe to say that less then 1/10th of 1 percent of buyers ever claim that nothing was in the package. They may claim damage or something along those lines but I dont think alot of people make claims saying the package was empty. And of the ones that do then Ebay is gonna refund them because they would rather have a few pissed off sellers who are upset that they got taken then a bunch of pissed off buyers who got empty packages. Ebay can lose sellers and stay afloat. If they lose buyers there is no Ebay. They always, always will protect thier buyers first. As would most places of business. I do hope I am wrong for your sake though and please follow up with this thread if you remember once the case closes. I would be interested in hearing the outcome.
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