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Originally Posted by pat10021839 View Post
Bad thing is now the guy has you on extortion and if he sends the message to ebay they could close your account. I had a similar incident where I sent a card out and the buyer stated he did not receive the card. Ebay changed the case for the buy from item not received to an item as not described case since he signed for it and the DC showed delivered. Unfortunately Paypal and Ebay will side with the buyer as long as he complies with all of the things they ask him to do. In my case I was covered since I insured the item and was able to get my money back from the post office after two and a half months of jumping through their hoops.
I was just letting him know that this might blow up a lot bigger than he thought. I wanted him to really make sure he wanted to go through with the case. Either way I plan on taking the hit so it is what it is at this point. Maybe he will just go away and not proceed? Lesson learned
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