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Smile 2009-10 Be A Player XRC Jordan Eberle #'d /99

Hi everyone -

I need some tips on this awesome pull I got from a BLASTER box a while back. I pulled a redemption for a Jordan Eberle 2009-10 Be A Player XRC Numbered to /99. I need to know:

What do you guys think it is worth now? I think BV is approximately $40-75 but I have not checked for a while

How much do you guys think it'll be worth in the future? Should I sell it now, or wait 'till the loaded Oilers team is a contender?

Lastly, should I get it graded? I think it would improve the value, because it is in gem mint condition, I have never actually touched the actual card, just switched it from the top loader UD gave me to my own, only touching the penny sleeve. Super sharp corners, centering is perfect, etc. The only visible flaw is on the back. On the left edge there is 2 tiny white marks, hard to see, but there. Nothing wrong with the front. It is a very, very minor flaw, and I think the card would have no problem grading a 9.5. What do you guys think?

Thanks! Any help is appreciated!
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