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Originally Posted by MrMasterpiece View Post
THIS GUY DOES SCAM PEOPLE. There was a thread on here a few months back about him. Id tried looking for it but i cant seem to find it. He changes ids on ebay. There were some people that bought items off forums from him and paid and then he wouldnt send. Hes a kid from New York. Wish i remembered everything. The only forum he stays legit on is hobbykings. He even admitted scamming a guy once before and got caught up and sent a message saying he was sorry. His hobbykings id is cp3 4 mvp. The card is posted in a thread of his also as a new pickup.

Originally Posted by BeingJustin View Post
Wait, so he posted the Gordon as a new pick up? :: View topic - Recent Pickups!!!

Now that it has been brought up. I was pm;ed on fcb by a very reliable source that he had issues over here under an id and that he would take payment and not send. I as well am unable to find the thread. Hopefully I can once i get more time or get lucky using the search feature. I was waiting til I had my ducks in a row but glad to see others remembered too
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