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Originally Posted by bdoody42 View Post
Basically this thread has become heat fans versus the rest if the league. I find it very amusing that heat fans stand up for wade basically no matter what but if another player did the same things they would be saying the player was dirty..... We each have our own favorite team that's normal and fine, but don't so bias that you don't see things clearly. That's a pity.
seriously, i mean i don't even hate that play so much (the shoe throw) its kind of funny and mike bibby sucks but to say its not bush or dirty or however you want to say it is just not true lol. he did it to gain an advantage no question about it. if it was the other way around and bibby did it to wade id say, 'that was funny but bush league, but screw it lol'

whats next, pj brown flipping charlie ward into the stands wasn't dirty lol...

i mean i realize most of the 'heat' fans have no idea what im talking about but still...
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