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Originally Posted by nateadams2 View Post
Earlier you were defending them for flopping, that flopping is not dirty. To justify it your answer was "flopping is not dirty when compared to elbowing someone in the face". It is apples to oranges. It's not doing bodily harm to someone. No. It is however just as dirty in the sense of basketball. It changes the momentum of a game, it gets opposing players in foul trouble, it can put a team in the penalty leading to free throws by your best FT shooters. Yes it is dirty. Let me guess though, even after the video I posted about proof they don't flop or do anything dirty. Right?
I think you need to grow up and get over your little crusade tantrum.

I didn't defend them for flopping. I didn't say wades 'kick' was okay an unintentional. Get over yourself an please get the facts right.
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