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Happy April Fool's Day!
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Lol... yeah Wade was just trying to clear the court of debris that might hurt someone... HILARIOUS!

I guess when Wade was making fun of Nowitzki he was... ...I got nothing. Murrke - what excuse would you use here?

Wade hitting someone in the nether-regions was clearly only because he was... ...trying to clear the floor of debris..? :P

Murrke, you are a troll. Unlike other Heat fans who can actually have an open mind, you are pathetic. Have you ever had an argument with a brick wall? It's kind of like talking to you on the forum. For the benefit of EVERYONE ELSE HERE, please learn to either drop arguments (agree to disagree if you must), or just not post in every single thread that mentions Heat player(s) in a way that you might think is negative. That way threads can be done with and everybody move on to another topic.
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