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Originally Posted by chezball View Post
Welcome back.There's only 2 companies making hockey cards.Upper Deck and Panini.If you want redemptions buy Panini.If there isn't a season don't bother.
UD have the Young Guns that everyone goes after.The companies aren't allowed to make RC until such player makes the roster.So if there isn't a season the RC crop is very weak.
UD came out with series one,the ranger RC is the only decent Rc.
Hope this helps.
No season,just save up and hit them hard next year.IF there isn't a season
there'll be 2 years worth of Rookies,like what happened in '05-06.
Well that's just not true. ITG, though unlicensed, is a major maker of hockey cards, and provides some of the best value in the hobby.

As for the OP's question, buying this year's stuff now (or in the coming months) wouldn't be a terrible idea. UD Series One will be dirt cheap once the season is canceled, and there are enough solid prospects (Chris Kreider, Jaden Schwartz, etc) to make buying the product worth your while. Artifacts and Black Diamond are both very decent products, though. Very veteran-heavy, so the value is there.

I wouldn't recommend buying anything Panini. I got hosed on a box of Certified this year. I won't make that mistake again.
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