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Originally Posted by mcgahee21nfl View Post
my xmas was great, thanks for asking.

i do find it funny how many trolls quickly point out the trader feedback, as if it really means that much.

an enormous amount of people constantly trade feedbacks for past deals, some leave it for deals that didn't even take place... some turn into Haikus, and others are actually mere scumbags who have completed deals. if anyone really cares about a negative feedback, check with the seller or buyer for the details of what happened. questioning someone for something u know zero about is plain stupid. my reputation is in good standing with all of those who know me or who have taken a second to try. for everyone else, the negatives are because i'm a scammer and i stole the money, because you'd never want to find out otherwise
I'm sorry, I was just messing around, it's none of my business anyway...should have kept my mouth shut. I know your a respected vet, sometimes the troll in me takes over. Pay no attention, my apologizes
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