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Originally Posted by cking View Post
And this is why people dont put thier Ebay link under thier name on here. I would rather lose a sale then have someone mess my account up. Some people on here will say they dont put it thier because they are shady. I am not shady and I dont put my ebay link under my name. So another theroy by the blowout detective agents goes out the window.
I talked about this with another user on here a while ago. I no longer post mine and havent since shortly after eBay started with DSRs. I had a user on this fine site win 8 cheap items and give me 1-stars in all categories even though his cards arrived 4 days after payment. Left positive feedback but killed my DSRs. Amazing someone who doesnt like what I type/typed would waste their time or money doing that. Considering some of the stuff I type now and how people get so angry I wouldnt dare list it.
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