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Originally Posted by HinkleHammer View Post
i see people listing all these different shipping services. economy, expidited, standard, ettc. that is confusing. Does it even matter?
I dont think people really know how to list the shipping. Usually all those things above mean USPS first class mail. You can ship however you want to though. Just make sure that you use delivery confirmation on every sale (if you print via paypal its very cheap for delivery confirmation). If you sell an item over $250 you also must add signature confirmation on top of delivery confirmation in order to be covered. Also in response to your question on insurance, you can insure whatever you want to. I personally insure anything over $75 that I sell but again its up to you what kind of risk you want to take. As mentioned above insurance covers the buyer, not the seller. You also cannot post in auctions that the buyer has the option to purchase insurance. You can build insurance into the price of the postage if you want and state that in your auction, but you cant offer it as an option to the buyer.
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