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Originally Posted by HinkleHammer View Post
Im going to start selling off some of my non pc stuff on ebay. at what price do you guys add insurance when mailing cards? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.
Originally Posted by MikeWilliamsFan View Post
Only do insurance on expensive stuff ($200+)
Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
$40 to 50, depending on how I feel.

Just remember insurance is for you, not the buyer--so it's whatever you are comfortable with being out if something goes wrong. The buyer is covered by Paypal.
Originally Posted by HinkleHammer View Post
thanks for your responses. In general do you guys have better success selling on ebay or on blowout forums?
Originally Posted by HinkleHammer View Post
with ebay is it just standard shipping or usps first class?
to answer a few questions from here:
I only insure over $100 sales or if I feel like something shady might happen. You can insure for how ever much you want, but usps will only pay out what the item sold for, not what you put or what a book value might be. So no reason to spend the extra mula for insurance that doesn't mean squat anyway. And it is to cover you, not the buyer. Ebay offers USPS and Shipcover when you print labels through them. I don't know anything about shipcover though.

I actually prefer selling on COMC (checkoutmycards) over ebay and here. Selling/trading on here has gone a little down hill lately and there may be more lowballers here than anywhere else. I rarely sell on here anymore. Ebay has it's ups and downs and I use it for an in between selling location before sending stuff to

I only use usps first class (or priority depending on weight/& size) which will cost you $1.64 for up to a 3oz package and that includes delivery confirmation, then it goes up in small increments until you hit 13oz which then it upgrades to priority. order some free boxes and flat rate bubble mailers from You'd be amazed at what you can fit in those mailers, and sometimes regular priority will be cheaper than flat rate. I always compare pricing before paying. I roll my shipping into my asking prices, since you get better exposure on ebay w/free shipping and you get charged fees on the sales price and the shipping cost which sux, but people took advantage and sold items for low prices, but with high shipping to avoid paying fees.

I noticed that paypal shipping doesn't always offer the same shipping options as ebay or usps so that is also something to look for.

I prefer BIN/BO auctions and you get 50 free a month as well as free listings until 12/31 for any amount on sports cards.

no matter where you sell just make sure to do the right thing and don't let too many lowballers get to you and you will always run into a dingleberry who wants to take advantage of you lack of selling history or knowledge.

There are a couple of really good threads here about shipping so you should take a look at those first.
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