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Originally Posted by ninjacookies View Post

This debate again. You have it the other way around. NT shield outsells the chrome counterpart, but the rare exception occurs.

Show me examples, because we're clearly living in separate worlds. And I'm pretty darn sure the Cam NT logo shield would bring in more than $10k, even now.

Cam's base RPA's with bland patches were selling for ~$1.2k during his peak, and his platinum rpa's around 4-5k. His chrome gold autos /10 were selling for around $1.5k and reds for around $3k during that same period.

I'm just trying to see your logic.
haha, 4-5k

Cam Newton 2011 Playoff National Treasures RC Auto Jersey Patch 4 5 | eBay

rather have the chrome super myself...there are tons of shields in products these days...used to be only handful had them, now 15-20 whatever...even absolute has a non auto /5, that is Fn stupid and waters down the NFL SHIELD...

Plus this year has the "we ruined them" NIKE NFL shields which suck royally. so if NT puts the cloth ones in you know it did not come off a new NIKE jsy

i like both and would buy both, but feel i would pay more for a super vs NT logo

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