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Originally Posted by ninjacookies View Post
I won't argue about design because supers are gorgeous (I've owned a few myself), but NT has always outsold the superfractor counterparts for every sport BUT baseball. Bowman chrome will always reign supreme in baseball.

I'm just waiting for anyone to post consistent examples of superfractors outselling their nt 1/1 rpa counterparts. I just don't see it.
I think you are in the minority here, from what people are saying.

You keep asking people to provide examples, but the likelihood of both the Super and the 1/1 shield selling within the normal timeframe ebay allows us to see completed auctions is miniscule.

Because I remember researching the performance of both for my site, it was shocking to me that the Chrome supers outsold the 1/1 NT patches based on what I had seen. I was not expecting it either. Without spending hours going back through the documents I have, I cant provide examples, just like you cant either. If this was really that important to me, I would, but I am confident enough that I dont care to get into this circular argument again. You provide examples! NO YOU PROVIDE EXAMPLES. Cmon. I want a golden toilet to crap on, but that isnt available.

The issue is that the NT design was A) hideous and B) poorly composed with the space to sign being so small, collectors have latched onto the on card Superfractor autos and superiority complex (Chrome is king) from baseball.

I know you are as much of a Panini apologist as I am a Topps apologist, but you arent operating on what a few people have said here. If someone wants to go back and measure them with some tool I dont have, please do. I think you will be as surprised as I was.
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