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@SF ... every collector is hesitant to call out .. lest the artist go "nutso" and "never ever" follow through w paid commissions (or take years / or do a eyes closed, 5 minute, pencil job just to shut the collector up) .. like - ray lago, david day (find the most recent scoundrel thread), renae deliz, ray dillon

see that 3rd link i posted:
blink - the screwed collector / is a mod over on scoundrel
melike - the "screwing" artist
nar, cinar - artists
others - chimers in

notice that discussion became artists vs artists .. as the voice of the collector (blink) was shutdown; and an artist (nar) stepped up to be the hero for the collector (blink)

the screwing artist (melike) was on facebook rant to allegedly lie about the collector (blink); now that the collector got satisfaction by super hero nar help it would seem ... let's not bring this up again as if it never happened .. or will happen again lol

go look for any scoundrel feedback for melike (the screwing artist) .. none ... the scoundrel mod left no feedback

here is a lame attempt at artist feedback on scoundrel board:
Scoundrel Art Community • View topic - Non-performance of Obligations by Artists
( removing details once issue resolved .. as if never happened or wont again ); yeah i found the complaining thread there as my 3 links show -- but not in feedback area where maybe new collector could find to make decisions who to spend $ with
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